Curtail/Curtailed/Curtailment means to return home to the United Kingdom early. Ending your holiday or trip early can mean you're at a financial loss and these can, depending on reason be claimed back on a travel insurance policy.

Curtailment is only applicable if you return to the United Kingdom earlier than planned.

This section includes the services of the Medical Emergency Service (details shown on page 4 of policy wording) who must be contacted immediately in the event of a serious injury, illness or hospitalisation, where repatriation has to be considered.

Choose a cover level:

What is covered on the Platinum level of cover

Up to £5,000 for:

1) The value of the portion of your travel and/or accommodation arrangements which have not been used and which were paid for before your departure from the United Kingdom (including ski hire, ski school and lift passes, which do not have to be paid for before your departure from the United Kingdom, in respect of winter sports trips where the appropriate premium has been paid), if you, and where appropriate a companion covered by this policy, have to curtail your trip and return to your home earlier than planned due to:

  • a) the death, severe injury or serious illness of:
    • i) you or any person you are travelling with;
    • ii) an immediate relative of yours resident in the United Kingdom;
    • iii) a close business associate of yours resident in the United Kingdom.
  • b) your home being made uninhabitable or place of business being made unusable due to fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, subsidence, storm, flood, falling trees, riot or civil commotion, malicious damage, burst pipes, impact by aircraft, the police requesting your presence following burglary or attempted burglary at your home or place of business;
  • c) you being unable to continue your trip, as detailed in your travel itinerary, due to loss or theft of your passport, or that of any person you are travelling with.

These proportionate value of costs will be calculated from the date of return to the United Kingdom.

2) Reasonable additional travelling expenses incurred by you for returning to the United Kingdom (Economy Class) earlier than planned for a reason stated in benefit 1) of this section.

What you are not covered for

1) the first £75 of each and every incident per each insured person involved in the incident;

2) claims that are not confirmed as medically necessary by the Medical emergency service and where a medical certificate has not been obtained from the attending medical practitioner abroad confirming it necessary to curtail the trip;

3) additional travelling expenses incurred which are not authorised either by us or the Medical emergency service, as detailed on page 4;

4) claims where a theft of passport has not been reported to the necessary authorities, and a written report obtained;

5) the cost of your original return trip if this has already been paid and you need to curtail your journey;

6) the cost of any visas required in connection with your trip;

7) you undertaking a trip if at the start of your trip, during your trip or on your return date, you are more than 36 weeks and 6 days pregnant for a single pregnancy, or more than 32 weeks and 6 days for a multiple pregnancy;

8) loss of enjoyment;

9) loss of Avios, points loyalty card vouchers or points or unused Timeshare points;

10) anything mentioned in the General Exclusions.

NOTE – The Medical Emergency Service only assists early return home for medical reasons, not for the other reasons listed under this section of the policy.

For full details please see section 2 of the policy wording.