Golf equipment

A reasonable set of golf clubs cost hundreds of pounds and the last thing you when away on a golfing holiday is to be left out of pocket due to loss of damage to your equipment. We cover up to £1,000 for equipment when additional golf cover is included with your policy.

Choose a cover level:

This Section of Cover is only applicable if the appropriate Golf Cover premium has been paid, and is shown on your insurance certificate.

What is covered on the Platinum level of cover

1) loss of golf equipment

Up to £1,000 for the value of repair of your own golf equipment (after making proper allowance for wear and tear and depreciation) or hired golf equipment, if they are lost, stolen or damaged during your trip, limited to £250 for any one item.

2) hire of golf equipment

For £50 per day, up to a maximum of £400, for the reasonable cost of hiring replacement golf equipment as a result of the accidental loss, delay, theft or damage of your own golf equipment during the Period of Insurance.

What you are not covered for

1) for the first £75 of each and every incident per each insured person involved in the accident (not applicable to 2 above);

2) if you do not exercise reasonable care for the safety and supervision of your own or your hired golf equipment;

3) if, in the event of loss, burglary, or theft of your own or your hired golf equipment, you do not report this to the police within 48 hours, and do not obtain a written police report;

4) if your own or your hired golf equipment is lost, damaged or delayed in transit if you do not;

a) notify the carrier (i.e. airline, shipping company etc.) immediately and obtain a written Carrier’s Report (or Property Irregularity Report in the case of an airline) or,

b) follow up in writing within seven days to obtain a written Carrier’s Report (or Property Irregularity Report in the case of an airline), if you are unable to obtain one immediately;

5) for loss, destruction, damage or theft from confiscation or detention by customs or other officials or authorities;

6) for your own or your hired golf equipment stolen from:

a) an unattended vehicle unless it was in the rear boot or luggage area of the vehicle and is covered so as not to be visible from outside the vehicle, or items stored on a roof rack (unless the vehicle is parked within sight of you), and there is evidence of forcible and violent entry;

b) an unattended vehicle (other than motorcaravans) left for any period between the hours of 9pm and 9 am;

7) for anything mentioned in the Conditions and General Exclusions.