Travel delay

Cover for travel delays is a common element of a travel insurance policy, its one of those little extras that doesn't come to the forefront until someone needs it. It's actually worth taking note of, especially when airlines are not required to compensate delayed travellers.

Should your travel plans be delayed for anything relating to the supplier you can claim for travel delay and receive compensation to help cover the costs of any unused prepaid expenses.

Choose a cover level:

This section does not apply to trips within the United Kingdom.

What is covered on the Platinum level of cover

1) For a benefit of £20 for the first full 12 hours you are delayed and £10 for each full 12 hours you are delayed after that, up to a maximum of £100 (regardless of the number of incidents of delay); or

2) up to the amount under the cancellation section of this policy (less £75 excess) if you abandon the trip (on the outward journey only) after the first full 12 hours;

if your outward or return flights, sea crossing, coach or train departure to or from the united Kingdom are delayed for more than 12 hours beyond the intended departure time (as specified on your travel ticket) as a result of:

  • a) strike or industrial action (provided that when this policy was taken out, there was no reasonable expectation that the trip would be affected by such cause);
  • b) adverse weather conditions if the underlying and continuing cause;
  • c) mechanical breakdown or technical fault of the aircraft, coach, train or sea vessel.

What is not covered

1) for the first £75 of each and every incident per each insured person involved in the incident (this is only applicable if you abandon the trip);

2) if you do not check-in for the flights, sea crossing, coach or train departure before the intended departure time;

3) if you do not obtain written confirmation from the airline, shipping, coach or train company stating the period and the reason for the delay;

4) for any claims arising from withdrawal from service temporarily or otherwise of the aircraft, coach, train or sea vessel on the orders or recommendation of the Civil Aviation Authority or a Port Authority or similar body in any Country;

5) for anything mentioned in the General Exclusions.

NOTE – This section only applies for delays at your final international departure point to or from the United Kingdom.